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Our clients are digital finance innovators that are poised to expand their business and achieve results in new markets, both established and emerging.  If your company is one of those, we can help you expand the transmission of your services and delivery channels.  We focus on the sectors of banking technology, direct lending, mobile financial services, POS terminals and others.

We can evaluate your company's options in its target market and help decide where you want to go. But our commitment does not stop there. We lead the implementation program so that decisions are converted into action and the group sustains momentum into the future. 


   We connect Capital to Vanguard Solutions.      

We take both ends of the spectrum into new markets. 

Our methodology allows us to: 

Canvass:  We seek to understand your business:  its success to date and its future objectives.

Integrate:  We work together with your team as an interim executive and integrate seamlessly into the existing management structure.

Identify:  We analyse your model in-depth to define new opportunities.

Connect:  We apply our network and expertise to building ancillary business propositions that can bring you an edge.

Grow:   We look at integrating industry innovation effectively for your business to grow/gain momentum.

Lead:   We step in to implement the projects that will deliver results in new markets and lead the accompanying change as expert facilitators. 

Challenge:  We connect your business to new clients and to local networks to in order to aim your growth objectives at the right target. 


 Contact us to learn more about how we can help your digital finance business grow.

Our comprehensive services cover all aspects of the FinTech value chain and include all key entities:  solution-providers, policy makers, regulatory and governmental agencies, banking and commercial entities, local partners and agents. 

Our approach is customized to fit your company – whether early-stage or more-established. Through flexible and modular cooperative arrangements, we offer maximum latitude for your executive structure.  Our goal is to take what you do already and make it bigger, by working together with management to develop and lead an actionable approach that is based on quantifiable metrics.