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Leading Edge partners with your company to create successful digital finance ventures in emerging and established markets. We create viable local market business strategies for your product and design innovative synergistic businesses based on the existing services you provide.  We have experience in developing and implementing growth plans that create long-term value for our clients. 

We connect people to solutions and businesses to real market needs.

We are creative.
Over 20 years’ experience as business innovators allows us to take a unique approach when addressing the needs of your enterprise and building relevant businesses for you.
We are catalysts.

We take what you do and make it bigger.  Our extensive financial services experience, solid digital money industry network and years of experience in Emerging Markets allow us to pave the way for your local ventures.

We are committed.

We take pride in being the architects of value-adding expansion strategies.


Our Approach

Our cost-effective Business Development expertise in the digital money sphere integrates seamlessly into existing corporate frameworks.  Modular solutions in Project Management allow Leading Edge to assume responsibility in an interim-Executive capacity for a particular project or role and for the subsequent results. 

We are committed to leaving organizations stronger than when we arrive by delivering sustainable outcomes and tangible success to the parent company before it takes over control of the mandate assigned to us. The creation of long-term value for the company and its stakeholders forms the basis of our core philosophy. 

Our Partners

Leading Edge Advisors works in partnership with entities which share its vision of providing forward-thinking solutions to FinTech Innovators in order to achieve success and create long-term value.

Leading Edge Advisors is affiliated with CBC, a Swiss consulting group with offices in China and India. Project management as well as industry and market research studies are carried out in Asia together with CBC.

If you are interested in partnering with Leading Edge Advisors as a consultant, please contact us today.

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