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Leading Edge Advisors


Investment Solutions & Business Development for Digital Finance Companies





Founded in 2015 Leading Edge Advisors is a venture investment and advisory firm. Leading Edge works with growth companies in the FinTech sector to develop opportunities that focus on the digital delivery of financial services.  As investors, business developers and interim executives we support companies that facilitate the automated delivery of financial services via innovative, digital platforms. Our goal is to unleash the potential that FinTech opportunities hold, while maintaining a focus on businesses that address real market needs, function sustainably and create long term value.

Leading Edge works with companies delivering mobile, digital financial services directly to clients.  If your company specializes in branchless banking, direct lending, alternative payment systems or other segments, Leading Edge can lengthen your reach and accelerate your growth. 

Leading Edge focuses on innovation opportunities in the FinTech sector that bring financial services to untapped clientele and new markets.  


Leading Edge Advisors

Enterprise Development & Investment for Companies delivering automated Financial Services